"Tahiti Tensions"

72" x 48" Acrylics & Oil on Corrugated Cardboard



John was born in s’Hertogenbosch, a bustling town in South Brabant near the Belgium border in the Netherlands.  He has shown professionally since 1976.  He has been included in numerous private and corporate collections and still has art included in the “McDonalds Art Collection” in Oak Brook, Illinois.  


John studied with the ground breaking premier abstract color field painter, “Roland Ginzel” at “UIC Chicago Circle” and “Christina Ramberg”, member of the “Hairy Who” and “Non-Plussed Some” at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


He worked for the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for seventeen years.


Mr. Lenting is a founding member of the “Blue Zone Artist” and has written about art in “DeKunst”, a publication originating in Europe.


His work in “Mixed Media”/ Oil Acrylic utilizes various types of printmaking papers, canvas, and other papers, using several types of paint acrylic, industrial finishes, oil etc.  Working in a subtractive method, making random/ gestural marks with paint, litho crayon, pastels etc., then eliminating the previous images/ marks leaving a ghost image.  This is repeated over and over until reaching the desired effect.  John does not work from preliminary sketches or pre-conceived ideas, it is mostly impulse; areas of interest are then developed to bring out the Composition/ Image.  He is currently collaborating with wood sculptor Ryan Matijevich producing large and medium size wood sculptures.


John Lenting, also known as “Brabant Lenting”, has been represented by the “Mars Gallery” in Chicago, “Ronelle Ashby Fine Arts” in Sarasota, Florida, 4ARTINC. In Chicago, “r” Trail Collective in Valparaiso, IN, Lake Street Gallery in Miller Beach, IN, Blue Gallery in Three Oaks, MI, and showed previously for 13 years with A.I.R. Gallery in New York, NY.  Brabant Lenting is now a self-representing artist out of Michigan City, IN. "I am a self-representing artist because no one knows the passion of my art more than me."  ~

Brabant Lenting